• 8 DAYS


We leave early from Cusco to Manu National Park, begin our tour through the Andes by private bus, where we will see the pre -Inca cemetery called Lupaca after we are heading to picturesque village of Paucartambo where we are able to have our quick tour to main square to know about their history and then we will heading to Manu National Park entrance located at 3500 m.a.s.l. (11482ft).

From this place we will drop to mysterious cloud forest covered of green mountains ; today we have the possibility of see some animals such as : Common-Woolly Monkey, Brown-Capuchin Monkey, Tayra, Spectacled Bear (uncommon),...etc.

Amazing colorful birds such as: Golden-Headed Quetzal, Masked Trogon, Mountain-Hooded Tanager, Dusky-Green Oropendola; the Cloud Forest is also habitat of the Andean Cock of the Rock bird beautiful and colorful considered national bird of Peru. They make a dance to lure to females in this place usually in the morning and afternoon and we will witnesses of this ritual;
We take the chance to make a fascinating walk along the road looking for more wildlife and after that we continue our trip another hour more until bamboo lodge 830 m.a.s.l (2723ft)


At daybreak we continue by bus to tropical lowlands. Passing through small towns until Atalaya 650m.asl (1640ft) here we will change our car for a motorized boat to navigate the Madre de Dios River (high and Low part of the river) Five hours approx.

In route we stop to visit a small lake to nice landscape not far from the river bank twenty-five minutes walking where you can see from close Hoatzin beautiful bird descendants of the first pre-historic feathered bird called Archaeopteryx.
In this little lake also we have the chance to sail on traditional raft made from balsa tree used by natives in this jungle.

After this stop we will continue our travel downriver from the boat we will see disappear the mountains of the high jungle and get into flat jungle habitat of wildlife and we'll see colorful birds crossing river such as: Oropendolas, Vultures, Macaws, egrets, herons, ..Etc.


Today early we'll sail through by the narrow Manu river, where we will make our first stop at the ranger station for check in the guest book before our entry into the restricted area in Manu National Park browsing this narrow river area we will have the great chance to see animals from motorized boat such as: Black-Spider Monkey, Red-Howler Monkey, Common-Squirrel Monkeys, terrestrial animals like: Jaguar considered the largest cat in the Amazon jungle, Tayra, Capybaras, Tapir (rare during the day), Black Caiman, White or Spectacled Caiman, and a large variety of birds on the banks; Black Skimmer, Horned Screamer, Capped Heron, Cocoi Heron, Pied Lapwing, Wood Stork... etc..

After settling into our lodge we get into the jungle to walking all the afternoon to see wildlife the jungle and vegetation composed for huge trees like: Cedar tree, Mahogany tree, Ceiba tree, and the process of small forms of lives such as: Crickets, Spiders, Army Ants, and butterflies that only inhabit under forests and understanding how the trophic chain works what is very important for the planet.


Today we begin our activity early with a walk to explore Salvador Lake; here we have the chance to see giant otters from a catamaran. In this lake of rainforest inhabiting one family of these Fascinating animals that are now endangered, after this nice experience we start a hike by a proper trail the rest of the morning in order to find more animals and monkeys.

In the afternoon we spend to walk trails and enjoy primary forest with huge trees and lots of wildlife and sounds in this wonderful Peruvian jungle.


Today morning after breakfast we will take our motorized canoe heading to Otorongo lake located twenty-five minutes downriver from the lodge; this short trip will give us another chance to see the Jaguar and other animals that taking a rest on the river banks as the: Black Caiman, White Caiman, Capybara (largest rodent in the world like a guinea pig).

After twenty-five minutes of navigation we will walk from river edge to lake edge through jungle. This walk also offers great possibilities to enjoy nature, in edge of this lake we will find a tower twenty-five meters high from where we can see some macaws, herons and hawks specialized in preys that inhabit lakes; here inhabits another family of giant otters that are seen from the tower.

After this activity we are returning to our lodge for our delicious lunch and get adequate rest before our next expedition.

Manu National Park offers an extensive trail system, where we'll take one of these to go for looking for common woolly monkey curiously only is possible to observe this kind of monkey in the jungle on the right bank of the river Manu, also we find other animals on our way.


At the first sun rays we head to our next lodge "Tambo Blanquillo" we are sailing on our motorized boat by Manu River and after we take Madre de Dios River.
Before leaving from reserved zone of Manu we will have some sightings of animals, birds, and reptiles more on the banks of the river until to get the ranger station where we will stop for our check out and then we can continue our journey this time for a wider river to get our final destination.


Today early we are taking motorized boat to clay lick of Blanquillo five minutes downriver, in this clay lick we will witness a fascinating and amazing colorful show where the largest macaws in Amazon jungle of Peru gather to eat clay, socialize and some of them getting couples who will live forever together because they are monogamous.

From the river bank we will make a fifteen minute walk to hidden house from where we able to spot the first parrots what have come around the clay wall to get minerals they need to digestion we will see: Mealy Parrots, Blue- Headed Parrots Yellow- Crowned Parrots, Orange- Cheeked Parrots that easily exceed two hundred members; while we are watching this show, we can take our delicious breakfast that will be possible by our expert cook.

After these green visitors will begin to descend to clay wall the largest Macaws of the Peruvian Amazonian jungle; Red and Green macaws often over a hundred we can see them close.

This activity ends at about eleven o'clock then we are going to lodge and after lunch we head to another beautiful small lake where we enjoy the flora and fauna; after finishing with that; we can visit a 42 meters high tower on the canopy of the tallest tree of the Peruvian Amazon (Ceiba tree)


Today we take home stretch by motorized boat where a few hours later before arrival the village of Boca Colorado we will see negative consequences of the informal mining produced by humans in this part.

From Boca Colorado we are taking local taxis for one hour approx. To Inambari River which we will cross boat anew. In the other side of the river, our private bus is waiting us to take over a newly paved road, through beautiful cloud and elfin forest. Until to get highland near Cusco, you have stunning views of the Ausangate Mountain the highest mountain in southern Peru. Cusco is reached in the early evening.

Difficulty: easy to moderate
Climate: The unpredictable weather may force us to change our itinerary; the program could be subject to changes at any time
Route: we are making the tour by dusty and narrow road (cloud forest) motorized boat Madre de Dios river and Manu river), paved runway.

Jungle lodges are basic but comfortable, some have electricity from a solar panel and provide energy to charge our batteries from a generator engine, and the rooms are two beds with mosquito net (depending on the area) with hygienic services shared in some lodges.

Torch for nocturnal walking
Poncho / rain jacket
Hiking shoes
Camera and extra batteries
Personal Toiletries
Recommend carrying a binocular for better enjoyment of nature (8 x 42)
Personal medication

All accommodations system
All meals (some are picnic)
Drinking-water at any time
Admission to reserved area
Expert Peruvian bilingual guide
The entire transport system
First aid kid

Personal expenses
First breakfast
Last supper

We recommend each passenger to tip ten soles per day (about five dollars) according to your personal satisfaction because in our culture is gratefully received it.