In the morning we leave Cusco to Malaga high pass and we birding from the cloud forest to high Andes is a nice place to start with brightly colored common Andean tanagers associated mixed flocks, when they are looking for food there we can see the Scarlet- Bellied Mountain- Tanager , Chestnut – Bellied-Mountain Tanager , Hooded-Mountain Tanager , Blue and Black tanager, etc. .

The Flowerpiercers (Diglosas) are especially frugivorous that feed on the nectar can see there Rusty-Flowerpiercer, Moustached-Flowerpiercer, Black-Throated-Flowerpiercer etc. We have the opportunity to see also endemics ones in this Cloud Forest like: Cusco Brush- Finch, Parodi’s Hemispingus, Unstreaked Tit- Tyrant, Inca Flycatcher, Inca Wren, etc.

So we can also see many other species that inhabit more in the cloud forest such as: hummingbirds and one of the most conspicuous is the Sword -Billed Hummingbird, Amethyst -Throated Sunangel , Saphire-Vented Puffleg , Rufous-Capped Thornbill, Purple-Backed Thornbill, etc. about noon We are beginning from the highest point will make high Andes birtwatching all the afternoon, we see many high Andean spices like: Ash-Breasted Sierra-Finch, Peruvian Sierra-Finch, White-Wing Diuca-Finch, Ochre-Naped Grount-tyrant, Red-Rumped Bush-Tyrant, etc. and see too the endemics ones in this area we having: Junin Canastero , White -Tufted Sunbeam , Bearded Mountaineer , White- Browed Tit- Spinetail , Creamy - crested Spinetail , Rusty -fronted Canastero , Marcapata Spinetail , Chestnut - breasted Mountain- Finch, etc.

Bearing in mind changes in climate can change tour itineraries

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